Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Palinopsia, another effect of ciguatera

So I've had weird visual disturbances for a year and four months since I got ciguatera, and finally found out today what it's called: palinopsia. I see too many light shadows all the time making it hard to focus. Doctors call it overactive after-images. Very little is known about the condition, other than it rarely gets better and like ciguatera-caused nerve pain, is caused by over active neuron signals firing off. Great. Anyone else have this too?

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  1. hi,
    I have been ill for over four months now with what can best be deduced as ciguatera. I started feeling ill in Vavau in the Kingdom of Tonga.
    I have had less than normal display for ciguatera, consequently I was treated for a diving accident, parasite infection etc.
    My symptoms initially were insomnia the night after fish ingestion, generally not feeling well and shortness of breath come early morning. I started having chest pains, lethargy, headaches behind the eyes and a very spaced out mental capacity. It wasnt until 3 days later that i had the runs which lasted for 10 hrs or so.
    Over time i have developed more symptoms. after returning home to salt lake city i started having more symptoms. more headaches in varying locations then after my first attempt at some exercise and a drive up to high elevation i started having intense sharp pains around my elbows and was totally leveled with no energy. I felt like i had the worse hangover inaginable after having only half of a beer.
    I ate some fish a week later and started having more widespead pains all over my head then over the next week or so the pain spread down my neck, into my shoulders, wrists, hips and knees. pain has mostly been on the areas where muscle connects to the boney masses.

    Still not knowing what i was suffering from i took an organic cleanse kit to attemp to rid my self of potential parasites. This has made my condition much worse.

    I now have very little energy, my memory is affected, i have stinging in my eyes and when i pee, a warm flush feeling around my eyes and on my joints that comes and goes ( only feels warm to my touch and no one elses) My headaches are much worse as well as ringing in my ears, some vision compremise, the muscles in my face are starting to numb and i am developeing a slight tremor in my right arms. The pain in my wrists and in my hands makes typing difficult, i have periodic pain in my front teeth and my hands begin to go numb or tingle when i lean on them in the most minor fasion. I have perioding sharp pains in my gi tract that dont last long but are wicked painfull.

    I therorise that the parasite kit not only caused me to have a relaspe of symptoms but that it scoured up enough toxins in my gut to make me feel much worse than i ever have- over three months after first exposure.

    I am completely incapasitated, my life has been paused- i cannot work and need at least 12hrs of sleep a day. Life is SHITTY.

    Celebrex seems to mitigate some of my headaches, joint pain and ringing in the ears.
    I am now taking Cholestyramine to see if that makes any difference. Has anyone tried this and had any success? other methods with success?
    feel free to email me or post here.
    just after i returned to the states i wrote a blog account of my expereince in and getting out of tonga. this before i knew what was causing my ordeal.
    Any input would be spectacular.
    -john mletschnig