Monday, November 15, 2010


Just by way of updates... earlier in November I was having a bad flare up of nerve pain (shocks, migrating around body all over) and stomach/chest pains so strong I would double over. It was at home, and while traveling. Then the past week, while in Europe and Latin America on business, I had almost none. Though I did have terrible jet lag and then horrible sinus problems- congestion, headache for 3 days. I had a CT scan today to see if there's anything to be done about the sinus problems. It is weird how the intensity of the nerve/gastro/chest symptoms changes. Can't track it to stress, travel, etc.; the levels seem random.

I tried Gabapentin for a month or so but stopped it because it didn't make me feel all that great but it did cause dizziness and possibly some bad headaches. Sure am at a loss of what to try next- maybe Symbicort or Lyrica as suggested by two others I've connected with.

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